Frank Ocean “Chanel”

About six months after hitting us with two albums in the same weekend (Blonde and Endless), Frank Ocean is finally back with some more unexpected material.

The new track, “Chanel”, popped onto streaming and retail services after a world premiere on Blonded radio on March 10. Instantly collecting chatter, it’s garnered some polarizing reviews thus far. Most love it, others don’t see the point.

Unfortunately, the release of “Chanel” is more awkward than it is exciting. Why release what could have a great album track in between album cycles? 

Being ripped straight from the Endless playbook, “Chanel” isn’t a step in any direction; instead it’s a reaffirming of Frank’s position as pop’s premier independent artist.

Frank OceanPopR&B/Soul

cdschart • March 14, 2017

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